We are a London based production company specialising in storytelling through documentary filmmaking and photography.

With over a decade of experience we have worked for leading humanitarian organisations around the world, in areas of conflict and post conflict. Additionally we work with international corporations documenting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.


Afghanistan; Bhutan; Botswana; Ethiopia; France; Ghana; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Italy; Jordan; Kenya; Kurdistan; Kyrgyzstan; Lebanon; Morocco; Occupied Palestinian Territories; Singapore; South Sudan; Switzerland; Tanzania; Tajikistan; Tunisia; Turkmenistan; UAE; Uganda; UK and Ukraine.

Clients include:

MSF; UNICEF; UNODC; UNHCR; Oxfam; WFP; The Guardian; The Times London; Al Jazeera; British Council; SKL International; The Coldstream Guards; The Household Cavalry

Sheeko meaning:

In Somali the word ‘Sheeko’ means story. When family members or community elders say “sheeko sheeko”, it signals that everyone present should gather around for a story. The storyteller begins by repeating “sheeko sheeko” (meaning sit still, I have a story to share with you). The audience replies “sheeko hariir” (meaning you have our full attention, please tell us a story that is as smooth as silk, full of wisdom and imagination).

Ellie managed to collect some very powerful pictures and extremely touching video testimonies in the Burundian refugee camp where we work. Ellie is a door opener, always positive and easy going… and has brilliant spark in her eyes! I would definitely be happy to work with her again and highly recommend her.
— Louise Annaud, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), 2018
AJ discovered stories in Bhutan that had never before been revealed. His ability to identify human subjects with profound interiors complimented his powerful method of presentation. He is an exceptional talent and true pleasure to work with.
— Matt DeSantis, MyBhutan, 2017
Ellie produced great work in very challenging circumstances. She was good humoured throughout and a pleasure to work with.
— Tim Irwin, UNICEF, 2018
AJ is an exceptional photographer who can capture the essence of a situation in an image. Working in tough conditions in the slums of Uganda his images perfectly illustrated the brutal reality of illegal brewing. These have been a real asset to us as we have sought to tackle this issue.
— Ben Wilkes, Children on the Edge, 2016